My Problem With Android

This is going to be a bit ranty, so forgive me in advance.

I recently had the GS3, it was an awesome phone, but two things irked me. First the amoled screen, now the contrast was excellent, but whites, were yellow. I may just be a perfectionist, but that just didn't work with me.

The second thing is the apps, more precisely, quality of apps. I don't care about variety, they pretty much have everything. What I didn't like was the scaling of the apps, android apps have to be made for all resolutions; 800x480, 1280x720, 1920x1080. And all other resolutions various phones use. The most of the apps had blurr to them, ie, the twitter icons looked fuzzy compared to say, the iPhone.

Then I saw the release of the Droid DNA, 1080p yessss, my reaction was.


But then I thought, if apps look fuzzy on a 720 screen, what about a 1080p screen....

But I sold my GS3 anyway, and got a iPhone 4 till I take my friends upgrade in feb. First impression of the two and a half year old iPhone 4. This is not bad for being two and a half years. The iPhone caused me rethink my stand with android. All apps were made for one resolution, and the iphone 5 doesn't scale, it letterboxes, so they still look sharp. The LCD screen beats the GS3 in my opinion, whites were white and I couldn't see any pixels unlike the GS3. If only the iPhone was bigger. But my god, ios is killing me, soooo boring, functional and gets it done smoothly, but just stale and boring, now I'm looking back at the DNA or HTC 8x

This is just my rant on Android, I love/hate android, more like love/hate open source. What do you guys think, stay with iPhone and be bored, move back to Android and deal with the lack of quality and polish, or move to a new platform, Windows Phone 8