Best Windows alternative to MacBook Air?

I'm new here, and hopeful that some knowledgeable posters can suggest a good alternative to the MacBook Air.

I need to purchase a laptop for an older relative, who does not know how to work Macs and really isn't all that great at learning. Plus she primarily uses programs that are Windows only.

In most every other way, the Air would be the best choice. Fast, very lightweight, good keyboard, decent screen. These are her main criteria. I've been reading the reviews here, and my head is spinning. Every Windows alternative seems to have some major tradeoff. Samsung Series 9 has a terrible keyboard, HP Folio is bulky, HP Envy Spectre is hard to open (perhaps the best choice I've seen so far, but "hard to open" may be a deal-breaker for an older person who struggles with easy to open things), Dell XPS 13 (Terrible screen).

Is there an amazing machine I'm missing? Any suggestions?