Anyone buy the Samsung 840 SSD yet?

7 months ago I discovered the amazingness of an SSD drive. I had bought a Crucial M4 256GB SSD to replace my Seagate Momentus Xt Hybrid drive in my MacBook Pro.

It worked beautifully and my only issue was that I was running out of space as my iPhoto library tends to grow by the GB every day.

So last week on Black Friday, I went to my local Micro Center and found the Crucial M4 512GB SSD on sale for just $315. Because I had such a hassle free experience with my Crucial M4 256gb, I decided to buy it.

Welp, just 12 days later after getting everything set up and installed via cloning, it failed! I noticed something was wrong when I would plug in external drives to my laptop and the system would hang and freeze for a few moments. Well last night, it froze and then never worked again. Luckily I had wiped my 256gb drive and was able to pop it in my MacBook Pro and still have most of my files.

Today I returned the drive and was about to get the same drive when I started mildly researching the Samsung 840 500gb SSD which was just a few dollars more.

I know the life drive is shorter ( but if I get 5-7 years out of it im ok) and the performance is no where near that of the 830 and 840 pro, but I believe that it will be more reliable than the M4 (which was maybe a fluke) and also happens to be slightly faster.

Do you think it was a good upgrade (the M4 to the 840)?

Have you ever used/had any problems with the 840 SSD?

let me know your thoughts on my decision.