Verizon to track cuddling to advertise condoms?

The Daily Mail reported that Verizon has submitted a patent for a system that could track various activities users of TV boxes are engaging in while watching TV. Quoting DM,

The technology would integrate a range of sensors into their products, including thermal imaging cameras, microphones and motion sensors, to detect the mood their audience and tailor media content to suit.

Of course, DM went for the most creepy use of the system that they were able to come up with, a headline like

The TV box that can detect when a fight breaks out and calls the cops

would be more likely to generate more applause than make the guys at Verizon sound like perverted advertisers. It does raise the question of how far would tech companies go just to advertise? A more important question though is, what would this mean for our privacy? All opinions are welcome.

P.S. I would like to know if there is anything like this about the xBox Kinect, since the camera on that seems more than capable of this kind of tracking.