What mobile game are you currently hooked on?

As I continue to recover from some intense mobile gaming addictions, I'm looking for some nice pick-up-and-play iOS / Android games to be the methadone to my Super Hexagon / Letterpress tar. Ideal candidates should fill in those 15 minute gaps when i'm traveling and don't have time to read a whole chapter of a book. I need my fix.. any suggestions?

Games I've already recently been addicted to / have managed to kicked the habit:

  • Super Hexagon
  • Letterpress
  • Dolphin Up
  • Flip's Escape
  • Ichi
  • Jack Lumber
  • Grow
  • Orbital
  • Punch Quest*

Games that I'd put in a dark place but have been reminded of through comments:

  • Tiny Wings
  • Super Crate Box
  • Dodonpachi Ressurection

*Currently relapsed. Pray for me.