Microsoft is Doing SOMETHING Right

Since I've gotten into technology I've never once heard people get excited about a non Xbox MS product. I'd also never seen a Windows Phone on campus. But I saw 2 recently and for the third time (in 3 different social circles) I've heard someone who doesn't care to much about consumer tech bring up Windows 8 or Windows Phone. Here's some things I've observed from these people:

  • "You can change it" "The Surface?" "Yeah that!" Surface as a name is starting to go somewhere. Its the most heavily advertised so I'm not surprised.
  • Windows 8 Phone is sticking with a lot of people instead of Windows Phone 8. They shouldn't have had this name at all imo.
  • The idea of a hybrid is incredibly appealing to people. People who have tablets like the idea of being to get work done and turn it into a laptop and people who don't have tablets or think they don't need them like the ability to have the option.
  • Some people, beyond the type that frequents The Verge, think the iPhone is getting old. There are plenty who are still buying iPhones obviously I'm just saying I've noticed that rhetoric come from a few people.

Of course this is all just anecdotal evidence. But I've never seen anyone talk all that positively about Microsoft before.