Wait a wait?

I'm currently using a 2010 13" MBP with 4GB RAM. I use it for school as well as some video editing (3 minute videos churned out every ~2 weeks) and some photo editing in Lightroom. The computer simply sucks at Premiere CS6 and Lightroom 4. It takes more than 3 hours to export a 2 minute video, and I can't handle it anymore.

I've been looking at [read: drooling over] a 13" MBA with 8GB RAM. Money is an issue, and while I love the price point of the 11" air, I need a battery which can take me through a school day [running only evernote, for the most part]. It seems like the 13" air is my best option, but that brings me to my question:

Is it worth waiting for Haswell to come to an air? I plan to do some gaming from time to time, and from what I've heard, the battery life sounds fantastic. I don't want to end up with an outdated computer in 4 months when, for the same price, I can get better by waiting.

When do you think haswell will come to airs, and do you think it's worth the wait?