Is Jailbraking and Overclocking the push needed by the Surface RT?

I really love my Surface RT but there is something that I really miss from Android more than anything, that is developer and community support.

Every major mobile platform received support from developers and modding community first. I for once got into the iOS fare because of the potential for jailbraking the device, and once Android became popular on XDA and things like overcloking started to become feasible and safe, I made the jump to Android and really enjoyed the ride.

Developers and modders is people you really want by your side if you where a tech company, IMHO, these are the tech connoisseurs giving advice to regular people and even enterprises (like me) on which device to buy and what trends to jump in, a power that can't be under estimated and Google specially really takes advantage of, on the iOS side, Jailbraking has become so easy for developers that I think Apple is not even trying anymore, after all, people is still buying the products.

I wonder what would happen if Windows RT becomes a welcoming platform for modders, what are your thoughts?