Android 4.2 Lacks the 'Oomph' Factor

Google's latest iteration of the Android OS has failed to impress me, at least when compared to its predecessors, Android 4.0 and 4.1.

First, let's go over to some of its major new features:

-Multiuser Support

-Quick Settings by 2-finger swiping

-Photo Sphere

-Revamped Camera App

-Native Security

-Lock Screen Widgets

-Improvements to Stock Keyboard

-Gmail improvements

-New Clock

Yeah, that's a ton of new features! But honestly, that's not what I wanted to see. What I had hoped for was a more polished operating system as well as optimizations throughout the entire OS. To give Google credit, some of the features in 4.2 were really good, like the camera app and the stock keyboard. But on the other hand, I feel that Google could have gone without some of the features, like lock screen widgets. The idea was pretty good, but the way it was implemented... bloody hell. Another feature that I dislike is the bold font on the clock. Its really not needed and it destroys the uniformity that should be present throughout the entire interface.

I'm definitely not hating on Google. I love many of its innovations on the Android front, but I feel that more polishing is needed before they make releases, or they might one day to pull off another Apple Maps fiasco. I definitely don't mind waiting a little longer for newer versions of Android if they take the time to iron out the small problems here and there.

I had also hoped that their update would bring sort of a 'flagship feature'. Android 4.0 brought a whole new UI. Android 4.1 had Project Butter. Android 4.2 brought in a plethora of new interesting features, but none of those features make this version stand out. And because of that, I no longer feel the urge to get the latest version of Android.