How do you set up your live tiles? Is there a perfect method?

There has been an increase of windows phone 8 users, since the launch of the Nokia Lumia 920 & the HTC 8X, and for all those users my question is...........

How do you set up your live tiles? Do you set up by priority? Or most commonly used down to least commonly used? Do you add things in just so it looks cool? Do you prefer a certain size of tile? And how do you implement all that into your home screen?

Please include screenshots, if able to! Would like to check them out, and see how you all set it up. And provide a way for new windows phone 8 users to see how they can set it up, to best suit their needs whether it be a power user, a social nut, etc. Maybe even all of them.

To start off here are mine....[]&rev=0[]&rev=0

I hope these images come out