Apple talking too much about "classical" TV? *updated*

For me Apple is talking a little bit too much about TV and I get the feeling that they want everybody to think they will do a "classic TV" with a new interface... just to reveal something nobody expected for the living room. Don't you think it is a little bit too obvious that they are communicating to do a TV? There is so many speculation about how the interface / content partnerships will look like, but it is still focused on the classical TV... but what is if they want to reveal something completely / really revolutionary new? For example only controllable with a voice? Before the iPhone almost nobody expected Apple to do a touchscreen only phone... as now nobody is expecting them to do a voice-only TV (just an example, it might be some other change as well!). At least I hope so...


When looking at the things what Apple says and what they actually do: They talk about how bad small tablets are, but release the iPad Mini or talked about the perfect screen size of the iPhone 4 just to release the iPhone 5. Now they "spread" the rumour that they will do a "classical" TV with a nice interface... so I think they won't do just that.

In Apple's area we had basically two revolutions: the first one was mouse (pointer) + keyboard, the second one was touch. I think the third one will be speech. Since it is awkward to talk to your phone in the public or even to your computer, I don't think it is that awkward to talk to your "TV" in your living room. Maybe this is the reason why they released Siri in a beta version (to make sure the speech recognition works) and why it is still missing third party integration, a feature I expected in iOS 6. The living room would be the perfect place to have a device you can talk to. Third party apps would make Siri *much* more useable than it is today.

Maybe the input method won't be Siri, but I think the human interaction with the TV will be completely different to what we are used to... in the same way that multitouch phones were for 99% of all people completely new. By spreading those rumours Apple makes sure that their new input method will be unexpected... at least I hope so :-)