Long iPhone user now on Android - Two Major Issues - Please Help

How guys,

Sorry if it was asked before, but I couldn''t find it here. I'm a long iPhone user (I've been using one since iPhone3G) until last Monday, when I bought a Galaxy S3. Overall, I'm loving the phone and the OS. I only have two big issues:

1 - Facebook Notification just doesn't work (and that's a huge letdown for me, because it worked flawless on iPhone). On iPhone, it was real time, 1x1 notification. For example: If I have two likes and four comments on a post, I'd receive 6 notifications (2 for the likes, 4 for the comments). On Android the damn thing just doesn't work. I've doubled checked my configurations and they are ok. I even tried the Blackberry workaround thing, but that didn't help either. Seems it's just broken. Is there a way to make it work?

2 - Notifications, in general, are bad. I much prefer iOS' approach to notifications where you can receive notifications on your lock screen. Since Android is fully customizable, I'm sure that might be a way to recreate iPhone's notification on the lock screen. Do you guys know a way? Maybe it's possible with WidgetLocker?

I'm currently on JellyBean 4.1.2 (I even learned how to flash my phone, and I'm currently running the stock Polonese rom - I9300XXELKC). :-)