How To: How To Search And View Verge Labels



So, I find no convenient way to view archived articles through the Verge's site navigation using labels. I think lebles are important because they allow a reader to view all previous postings of a related subject. For example, all the "How To", "Favorites" and "The Classics" postings are nearly impossible to find using the search feature. I've tried using the search feature to type something as simple as "The Classics" to view past postings about the suggestions Verge staff have made, only to be given a bunch of results totally unrelated to "The Classics". All Search seems to do is search the "the" and "classics" within the body of an article. It doesn't matter if it is sorted based on date or relevancy.



I know, I know, it's easy to edit the url to be "" but that is really inconvenient and old fashioned by today's standards. It would be really great to have a navigable link to these great postings. After all, how would I be able to figure out which book/game I'm to buy next?! Verge, please help!!