Nexus 4 Arrived Yesterday. First Impression from an iPhone 4 Owner

Unpacking: My god this thing is gorgeous! Very nice contemporary simple design that just works. The phone feels nice in my hand.

Turn On: I notice a little bit of backlight bleeding through on the black screen at the top and lower sides. It isn't really that bad, but I can see it in the lighting I'm currently in. I turn the screen at an angle and don't get any inverting colors (but I notice that at about a >~60 deg angle the color contrast takes a discreet step down slightly). Once the display is showing something it looks gorgeous. So far everything is very responsive.

Setup: Google's setup wizard was straight forward. Setting up my StraightTalk SIM was straight forward. There were 2 settings that was not on the StraightTalk that I had to do a Google Search for. I'm finding that sometimes when I try and hit the space key on the onscreen keyboard, I accidentally hit the home key. Whoops.

Niceties: I must say, Android has a very consistent look and feel across all the stock Android apps. I am also very impressed with how well things "hook into" actions that they can perform. Need to select a photo, well I can browse my phone or now that Dropbox is installed I can browse that. On iOS Dropbox file interaction MUST be initiated through the Dropbox app. Performance is great. Everything is so much more responsive than my iPhone 4. Apps are ready to go when switching to them as oppose to switch to them and wait for a few seconds. Really liking the Google Voice integration with the phone dial as I've wanted to switch to Google Voice completely for awhile.

Irritations: Came across some random bugs with selecting a contact Photo from Dropbox in the People app not working (it just bugs out and won't let me set the picture). I really didn't like the "Me" contact that it was insistent to use as my local profile on the phone. I had a contact by my name and ALL my information with a most recent photo. Why can't I select that and say "Hay! Android! This is me!!" After looking high and low it looks like copy-paste 1 field at a time into this "Me" profile in People. Google wants my photos to be Google+ photos in my People. I want Facebook photos, but for some reason the Facebook "sync" isn't updating photos. Any advice there?

Battery Life: Well, I can't say I can FULLY evaluate that right now as I just got the phone. That being said, the device came with 50% charge on it and I used the crap out of it last night figuring it out. From about 6:30 in the evening to midnight the phone was mostly on, downloading, and doing stuff. When I put it on the charger just before I went to bed it was at 7%. Thats a good first impression IMO.

Compared to iPhone 4: It is hard for me to really compare the two. I find that a lot of the software that is available is essentially the exact same. Google Music on Android feels about the same as iTunes Match on iOS. Some things are missing such as a stock Reminders app. I know there are 3rd party ones, but I've already commit to managing my data on Google and don't particularly want to visit another web site. I don't have Siri on my iP4, but I do on my iPad 3 so have some experience with it (although it isn't a feature I use often). Tried out Google Now a few times. Excellent at getting exactly what I said right. I would say that voice recognition is at least as good as Siri if not a little better. The amount of actions Google Now can do was very limited. I couldn't set an appointment, for instance. Some attempts at setting an appointment resulted in setting an alarm. I can tell it to set a timer for 8 hours and it will add an alarm for that, but when I say "set an alarm for tomorrow at 8:00am" it says it can't do that. Lots of phrases it doesn't know it just defaults to a web search. It can only get better but I think I need to learn its capabilities and have it "train me" which really isn't the case with Siri. I would say that Siri handles the natural conversational message much more eloquently.

Lag: For the most part, I found that the interface was "buttery smooth" as everyone suggest. A few times I noticed on Facebook when it was trying to do something in the background the scrolling was laggy. Not stuttery, just there was a delay from the time my finger started moving to perform a scroll gesture until I actually saw a response. I noticed the same thing in the web browser on some sites (mostly just The Verge...i think you guys need to optimize your Javascript stuff some more, but that is just IMO). Difference being that on my iPhone 4 things tend to scroll fluidly even when something was going on in the background...I may be scrolling through unloaded whiteness (which is pointless) but the responsiveness is nice even if the app isn't quite ready for you.

Overall: Solid phone that I will likely use for the next 2+ years. Hope I don't drop it. I would recommend it to anyone looking for an unlocked smartphone. Awesome price, awesome design and awesome performance. Would not recommend you buy this one on contract, however. $100 + 2 year contract for this $350 phone? Or $200 + 2 year contract for an iPhone valued at $650 or another Android or WP phone valued at $550. Just doesn't seem to make sense to buy this one on contract rather then spend the extra $250 and stay contract free.