How to get Half-Life 2 running @ 30fps on a Diamondville Atom netbook.

1: Go on craigslist and pick up a HP Mini 311 w/ ION Grafix. They run about 100 bucks, Make sure it has windows 7

2: Update Nvidia drivers to the latest version, on Windows 7 it will unlock the other 8 shader cores.(from LE to full ION)

3: Download MSI Afterburner and set the Core Clock to 525mhz and the Memory Clock to 1180, set to start up

4: Go here and download Icelord's hacked BIOS v.16

5: Run InsydeFlash.exe and follow the on screen prompts.

6. when the machine reboots press F10 to get in to the BIOS

7. Go to the advance tab and select Performance Options

8. choose one of these 2 options:

2.0Ghz | 166Mhz | 666 | 512+152 | 2:1 | 1333 <-- if you upgraded stock to faster ram
2.0Ghz | 166Mhz | 666 | 512+152 | 3:2 | 1000 <-- My settings for this tutorial

When you reboot your machine will run at 2ghz w/ a 666FSB for 1ghz ram(or 1333mhz if upgraded).

Medium Texture resolution

You will get these results

Doom 3, Quake IV, and Tron 2.0 run even better.