What I want from Microsoft

So with Microsoft coming out with all new products and after reading the Verge's article Here if I were in charge here is the few things I would change.

1. Windows RT- Would get a new name completely maybe My Window by Microsoft. I say this because I think the Modern UI really makes sense with Windows when you think about it. Each Tile is like a Window you can look through for the things you want to see. The name is not perfect but Windows RT should be re-branded. This is a tablet UI and should be explained that way but keep the Desktop for when people want it, however you should never have to go into desktop if you do not want to. This would mean many power setting need to be redesigned for Modern.

2. Split Windows 8 into 2 versions

Windows 8- This is a cheaper option that many backward compatible things are supported but not out of the box, it however should run faster and have less size. It is a cheaper option to get people to purchase new products and use new software. This is not to say you could not download things to improve compatibly but Windows 8 would not have it out of the box. The Idea is to have a smaller faster operating system that runs Windows 7 and 8 programs quickly. If you did need to run something desgned for XP lets say there would files you need to download from Microsoft. This version will also does not have start button and other changes avalaible to it. UPDATED

Windows 8 Legacy- Expensive legacy Windows which has many options enabled including booting to desktop+start button. It has backward compatibly to Windows XP. It of course is large and less efficient because of its legacy capabilities.

3. Surface Phone- This is just my dream phone and what I want to see Microsoft do with this is pair it with the new Surface Tablet for a cheap price. To really push it's eco-system if they could offer this phone and Surface tablet for $600-$700 that would rock.

4.3-4.5" Super LCD3 720P Gorilla Glass 2

Strong Construction to remove the need for a CASE which I hate.

Snap Dragon Quad-Core CPU

10 hours of talk time

SD Card slot

16/32/64 GB Internal Storage

A strong Camera

2 GB of RAM

So do you agree with the way I would like Microsoft to move? I talk about compatibly a ton because it seems to be Microsoft's greatest strength and weakness at the same time. Microsoft is forced to make Windows work with everything and then gets blamed when nothing is new or exciting. The way I have it set now they have a platform where they can innovate and change and another where they can support legacy software. It is the way it should be.