Brian Williams on The Verge!

So I was watching the livestream last night with Brian Williams and Josh (since we're clearly on a first name basis here) and I have to say it was pretty freaking awesome! Brian Williams asks questions and stimulates a conversation that helps to paint a wholistic picture of the industry that we usually don't get on the usual Vergecasts. What I mean to say is that Brian Williams helps stimulate a conversation where we get a very wide sense of the industry's direction. Note, this is not a knock on The Verge editors I love the vergecast and watch it religiously but I think having someone like Brian Williams really ads to the conversation. Not to mention the guy is indeed entertaining and has a personality of his own.

I propose The Verge gets Brian Williams as a guest either on a Vergecast or On The Verge episode. What say you guys??

Plus I'm betting Josh would like a rematch in an "App-off" :D