On Comments and their Sources.

The following may seem a little stalkerish, but bear with me.

I was really disappointed in the recent polarization of comments on the Verge and many people taking their platform choices way to seriously. I am normally not into the conspiracy astroturfer theories. However, I got particularly suspicious over a few commenters and their somewhat audacious comments. I decided to do a little research. Cross referencing Linked-In with Twitter topics related to respective tech companies topics. I found that very interestingly, several Verge commenters were employed at a specific tech company that I won't mention in respect to their privacy and to prevent a flame war here, nor will I mention their usernames.

I find it pretty cool that we can have actual tech employees comment here, but unfortunately, their bias often shows through and there actions are not always on the level. What I am really here to say is that don't pay too much attention to the comments on the Verge. I recently figured that out for my self, and I shouldn't and no one should get caught up in some commenters promotion of a specific company or disparagement of another company.

Every product and platform has its strengths, weaknesses, and compromises. Just be confident in your decisions and back up your decision with solid facts about how a product will work in your life compared to other products. This is what will make for a good argument when explaining why you like a product over another. Don't get into arguments with people who refuse to justify their decisions and are only there to disparage a competing company or mindless praise their own, as I have discovered.

I will flag and, I suggest you do as well, anyone who is here to troll, paid or not. I have gotten too involved in the comments here and past and in the future I suggest that we all think, is it worth it to fight over something so unnecessary.