Windows phone 8 is more beautiful then windows 8

I've been using windows phone 7 and as soon as the grey lumia 920 came to france I will be using windows phone 8, I love the UI. I don't find anything wrong in the design. But I don't think I can say the same for windows 8, I think that the desktop is much better then windows 7 in term of reactivity, visual dynamismi (i must remark that a lot of people still use the old windows nt theme on windows 7 when it came to production so im ok with that part) but, even if I love the tiles,( im ok with that too) they are some details that i really dont like:

what are those ugly tribal wallpaper, its a total non sence, i dont see there utility even if i understand that its a step between the traditionnal wallpaper and no wallpaper at all, but i cant imagine that there is the same art direction between the 2 platform

gradients, same problem here, why?

Charms: im ok with them i think they are awesome, i just dont like their design, seems a other design language.

I dont know if the genius zune team still there, but it term of aesthetics, they should rule a bit more the company.

A Microsoft fan