Windows Phone Usability Question

I'm a big Windows Phone fan ever since I ran out and picked up a Focus when WP7 launched. I'm still using it now, with an eye toward upgrading after the holidays.

In all of this time I've never bought into the idea that there's "just so much - from a usability standpoint - that you want to do, but can't" that I've heard frequently. I've always been able to do anything I expected a modern smart phone could do.

... Until this week.

Twice I've needed to get a PDF emailed to someone. I thought, "of course my phone can handle this." First I tried the skydrive app.. but only had the ability to share it via a skydrive link. A nice option, but not one I could do in my situation. So I decided to download it to my phone, head over to the PDF app and ... odd... there's no way to share it from here either. Ok, so it's on my phone I'll just go to my email and attach it... really? I can only attach photos?

So that's where I'm stuck - both times I had to resort to my laptop (like a chump). Am I missing something? Have I finally stumbled into one of the usage scenarios that annoy everyone about the platform? Can anyone help me out? And if not, is this something that's fixed with WP8?