Will Microsoft finally fix the account management?

Will Microsoft finally fix the account management?

Currently I have 7 different emails on my own domain, 3 on Yahoo, 2 on Gmail, 1 on a Bulgarian provider and 1 on Outlook.com.

I use one of my Gmail addresses for most accounts including a Microsoft Passport that I use for messenger and Windows Phone.

Regrettably, it seems that Microsoft assigned a country to my Passport account which I cannot change!

Further to this, I got an Xbox and registered with a UK account and another email address since Xbox Live is still not available in Bulgaria. But I can still use my Bulgarian PayPal account to pay for Live! services.

To add more to this pain, I decided to create an Outlook.com account and unify everything around it. I also registered for Windows Phone Dev Center.

So now, when I go into Microsoft billing I see three different accounts:

  • BG – Business Account
  • US – Business Account
  • GB – Personal Account
  • I don’t even know how I got the US account, the GB one I got because I logged on xbox.com. Oh, and now I have an avatar linked to the account so I cannot link my Xbox avatar where I have a Live! Subscription till May 2013 and more than 1000 Microsoft and achievement points.

    And what pisses me most is that you can’t even change your country! WTF?!?!?! People in Europe tend to change living places several times in their life and being able to change your address is a basic need.

    My Nokia account worked perfectly in several countries, the Google account did the same. I had a UK account in Apple when Bulgaria was not available, they added Bulgaria and I just updated my address and credit card details.

    Support keep telling me they cannot do anything due to the way Microsoft’s account management works.

    Microsoft need to fix this mess and have only ONE account and allow address and billing details changes.

    Can you share any experience or advice on how to work around this without deleting my accounts and losing my account history?

    I hope to have this resolved prior to getting my Lumia 920 somewhere in February.