Reimagining the iOS Lock Screen [Update 1.2.1]

The lock screen. You look at it at the first press of the home button. It's not the most visited interface on your phone, of course, but that doesn't mean there has to be less focus on it than other aspects of your phone.

This is the lock screen in iOS 6.


And this is the lock screen on iOS 1.


They look, in majority, the same. The user interface has remained relatively unchanged since iOS 6 (with the exception of the camera grabber and the loss of the lock icon). This is the same case for other elements of iOS. An old UI originating in 2007 that has remained unchanged. This has left iOS 6 being reviewed as stale and bland in design.

The lock screen is used to lock your phone when not in use, and not accidentally unlock your phone while in your pocket (somehow). It's also used to present small amounts of information to the user quickly, in this case, the date and time. But what if more options are added?

For a long time now, the jailbreaking community has been writing tweaks to edit the appearance and functionality of the lock screen, such as adding the ability of viewing the weather forecast. The jailbreaking community is also a source of inspiration in feature addition for Apple, evident in iOS 5's notifications overhaul.

While I know there are many other concepts similar to the following, even only on The Verge's forums. The following is a redesign of the lock screen to expose more of the wallpaper and display different types of information quickly.

A redesign of the current lock screen to focus more on the wallpaper. Tapping on the date launches the calendar app. Only four "widgets" are allowed on the lock screen.

You can look quickly at the weather forecast and current temperature (this one's in Celsius) for your local weather. Simply tap on the right half of the top bar to open the weather app. Prompts for passcode if enabled. Swipe left to reveal next widget.

Quickly find out the latest news headline right from your lockscreen, from a specific source. Tap on one to reveal article.

You can also see the latest sports scores on the lock screen. (I apologise if the scores are wrong)

Adding more Facebook integration, you can view the latest from your activity feed. Expands "widget" bar when needed.

Also adding more Twitter integration, view the latest from your Twitter feed. Above are tweets from the Dalai Lama and President Obama. Expands "widget" bar when needed.

Above are some tweaks to notifications.

Redesigned playback controls to match Music app's controls.

Settings for the widgets. Made for clarification. Click to enlarge.

Here's an animation of the lock screen, because some of you are worried that the slide to unlock is static. If you notice it's choppy, blame Photoshop.

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- Wallpaper: Galaxy NGC 3190 by javieroscario on deviantART
- iOS 6 and iOS 5 GUI PSDs by Teehan+Lax

Update 1.2.1
- Added lock screen animation

Update 1.2
- Added settings for widgets
- Slightly edited music controls (Thanks,

Update 1.1
- Added acknowledgements
- Removed navigation dots
- Swipe horizontally instead of vertically to switch "widgets"
- Added playback controls
- Expanded "widget" bar for some "widgets"
- Added Facebook and Twitter logos to respective "widgets"