USPTO may invalidate another of Apple's patents

A First Office action has been issued by the USPTO declaring ALL 20 claims of the key 7,479,949 multi-touch patent (the so called Steve Jobs patent) invalid.

According to Ars '949 essentially covers iOS's ability to respond when a user is trying to scroll vertically in a document, or trying to move around within the document in multiple directions. It also covers iOS's ability to discern the difference between swiping among images in a gallery, or panning or zooming within the image."

First Office ruling isn't a final decision, but with the motion against all 20 claims, it appears will have its work cut out to have the action over-turned

'949 has been used by Apple in court action against Motorola & HTC & also with the ITC versus Samsung. It presumably also formed part of the settlement that HTC are licencing from Apple.

The steps the USPTO are taking to invalidate '949 come after it took the same First Office action to invalidate Apple's 'Rubber Banding' 7,469,381 patent - Something which a jury found Samsung guilty of infringing during their high profile US case.

Foss Patents & Ars Technica and most of the rest of the internet have more.

I've tipped stuff like this to Verge before, but they never seem to cover it, so thought I'd post it this time