Giving Android a Chance For Me


I think people are really seeing me as an Android hater because I love Apple. Don't get me wrong, I have this weird bias towards Apple maybe because I love the hardware, the software and stuff, but it really doesn't mean I have to hate competitors (maybe except Samsung).

So in order for me to give fair and unbiased thoughts about Android moving forward, I want to try it out. There are conditions I want to have though because I don't wanna have bad impressions on stuff that are not supposed to be looked upon in the first place:

1) I am going to get an Android smartphone. This is simply because Android has progressed very well in the smartphone game despite Apple's effort to hinder its growth. Although the tablets are getting better, I don't think that Android can dominate as much simply because Apple has this tried-and-true tablet ecosystem that is second to none.

2) I'm going to get a phone with the LATEST version of Android. This means getting a phone with Version 4.2 (still called Jelly Bean). I don't see the purpose of getting a phone with an older version since I would not feel the full experience that Android can offer at present. This limits my choice to the Nexus 4 so I probably would consider getting a device with Version 4.1, which leads to my next condition:

3) There will be NO BIAS in what device I pick. Yes, this means that I might get a Samsung Android device but there is no certainty to my choice. I may want to get it in 2013, so the choice of devices may change over time.

Basically, that's it. I also need help from the readers of The Verge who are well-versed in the Android ecosystem. Any suggestions on what I should get? And when I get the phone, what should I do first and what apps should I get? Leave them in the comments in order for me to put them into consideration. Hoping my experience will be great!