Just Say No to NOtification Center



I do not want Microsoft to implement a notification center if they implement it the same way that it is implemented in Android and iOS. (Dragging your finger down from the top home to see a list of notifications.)

Live Tiles do a better job.


1.) All notifications are not created equal.

Notifications in a notification center are served to you in a list. You have the read each of them before you know if the what they are. since they can come in any order, they have no priorities. An important notification can be sandwiched between 2 unimportant notifications, and may be glossed over. Google's Play Store, send you 1 notification for every app you update. So every day when my apps are updated, I have clear a notification for each one. I sometimes press clear all, but I may lose an important sandwiched between the app updates.

With Live Tiles I get to control the space where app get to talk to me. I can give the a large space. I can give them a small space. I can place them on the top, or i can place them on the bottom. I can even choose to give them no space. Since I arranged my own tiles I have spacial knowledge of where email tile is so I know that I have new email without look have to look at all my other "notifications". Glance and Go FTW.

2.) I don't need another screen I have to use.

iOS, Android and WP all have a set of main screens you need to use to use the OS. Each have a "lock Screen", a "Home" screen. WP and Android have an "App Drawer" - where apps are place that are used to populate the "Home" screen. iOS and Android have a notification center where they put notifications.

With Live Tiles my notifications are already there on my home screen on my apps. I don't have to go to a second place with a special gesture. Glance and Go FTW.

3.) From the offices of redundancy offices.

Since live tiles already support notifications I do not need a second reminder. Some people may say "If you don't like it, then don't use." But I believe adding it will make WP worse.*

"Perfection is achieved when there is nothing left to take away."

*A fair compromise would be adding a notification history, but burying it somewhere deep like in the me tile. Please do not make it front and center like iOS or Android.