Outlook - The Best! - Oh wait!?

Outlook, what an awesome design and the quick one botton delete function is pretty much why I stay with Outlook.

Don't give me wrong, I love my gmail and want to switch, completely, but boy, that one click delete and design got me hooked!

Everything is going fine oh wait, oh wow - AUTOMATIC MSN link up! How convenient - Oh wait, no it ain't! I almost forgot why I hated Microsoft and their branding of everything poison, but man. Those autobots from msn just keeps writing me. Is there a way to delete them? Sure, delete all one billion 'person' you got and you are free from cancer.

Then there is the password deal. Max 16 - Are you kidding me?

Email is still so essential for identity and everything on the internet that having a shitty service is all it takes.

I want so deeply to love Outlook but man.... Forceful msn and purposely evasive deleting process of people is the worst. It is the small stabs like these that makes you.. Maybe not hate, but recent or certainly willfully leave as soon as possible.

Give me a 1 click delete on Gmail and I am out. Then improve the design and I might even stay forever?

Anyone else know this 'feel'?

Best regards,