Windows 8 for a cheapskate wannabe magazine editor/designer.

I'm a student and next term I'll be editing and co-editing two student magazines. Some how, I've managed to get by so far using Pages (if you're willing to work 'around' the intended use and have a lot of patience, you can achieve some great results in my opinion) on a now 3 year old Mac Mini. I was thinking about getting iStudio Publisher for my Mac and using that.

Recently, I've been beginning to become a lot more mobile and obviously for magazine editing my hand-me-down'd original iPad doesn't cut it. I'm a bit strapped for cash so I unfortunately don't have enough capital for something like a brand new MacBook. I was considering a switch to having a Windows 8 laptop (I have a Windows Phone which I quite like) but I need some applications that can swap out my current stock that don't cost much. At the moment I use:

  • Pages/iStudio
  • Pixelmator
  • iMovie
Does anyone know/have experience for cheap alternatives of these on the Windows side? Or would I better to buy a refurbished MacBook? (I'm quite worried about fonts on Windows, one of my staple fonts is Neue Helvetica, and the prices to buy this is scary)
Thanks everyone!