Fatal Flaw in the Gmail iOS App?

After hearing Nilay and Josh talk about how impressive the animated waiting-to-load graphic was in the new Gmail app during the Vergecast yesterday, I decided to try it out for myself. I've been enjoying the new Google Search app on my iPad, so I figured this was worth a shot. I proceeded to load the new Gmail app onto my iPhone 4.

It's impressively zippy and modern, but, in my opinion, its Achilles' heel is the font size. Nearly everything in the new Gmail app is difficult to read because the text is too small, and oddly thin and slight. If you compare how emails look in the stock iOS app, the difference is pretty dramatic. The expense of the modern styling of the new Gmail app seems to be usability, at least in my case. The iOS mail app isn't nearly as sexy, but it also doesn't make me constantly squint.

I fished around for a settings-adjustment menu, to see if I could increase the font size in the app, but I couldn't find anything. Sure, I've dedicated a lot more time to writing this post than I did to hunting for a workaround, but, I suppose that's how I roll.

Does the font size in the Gmail app bug anyone else?