New Year Expectations

We're mere weeks away from starting a new year and all that it entails. New phones. New tablets. New OS updates, or lack there of in some cases.

Also, unfortunately, new lawsuits. Ridiculous patents being granted. Stupid FRAND patents being used.

Not to be overlooked, the tech shows that will show off all the new lust worthy devices. CES, MWC and others. The big companies unveiling new features such as Googles I/O and Apples WWDC.

Almost everyone is wondering how out of date their new toys are gonna be out-gunned and out-shined. Will Samsung really unleash a flexible 1080p screen? Is Google going to blow our minds with Android 5.0?

Heck?! Will it even be called 5.0?

Could we see the eventual merge of Chrome and Android? Will the boat of HTC be righted?

So many questions. So much anticipation.


Android Army:

What do you personally think the new year will bring?