My Thoughts on Windows 8 and Windows RT

I think Microsoft is making the wrong move with Windows RT and Windows 8, mainly because of the Metro Interface. The first thing is that the Metro user interface is completely alien to anybody who's familiar with the classic Windows which makes anyone not familiar with technology will be completely bewildered by Metro. The second issue is that all of the classic Windows apps will not work with RT and even to make it more confusing RT has a toned down version of the desktop which you have to use for Office, which fools some consumers into thinking they can just download software from the web.


I think Microsoft should keep Metro only to touch devices and not keep it under the Windows name but call it Metro! I think Microsoft should do a interface look change to regular Windows and not include Metro with Windows 8.

Microsoft's Windows 8


Microsoft's Windows RT


My Windows 8


Image by The Verge User Sputnik8

New OS "Metro" (aka: My Windows RT)