Nexus 7 or Nexus 10

As Christmas season is fast approaching, I am trying to decide which tablet to get. I have eliminated the iPad (I already have an iPhone and the iPad doesn't offer very much more asides from a few tablet-specific apps) and the Windows Surface from my list, and have narrowed it down to the brothers Nexi. My primary uses for the tablet will be general web-browsing, watching media, playing games, and reading e-books and magazines. Nothing too productive, just recreational stuff (which is why I ruled out the Surface). I am leaning towards the Nexus 10, because I believe it is faster and will handle multitasking better. I was wondering if anyone on this board could win me over with their opinions. Many more people have the Nexus 7 than 10, so I suspect there will be plenty of people to comment on the smaller albeit older tablet, but please also comment on any negatives you have had with the device. Also, if someone could tell me how the battery life is on each device, it would be much appreciated. Thanks.