Upgrading from an old iPhone to a new iPhone

My teacher recently upgraded from an iPhone 4 or 4S(I am not sure) to iPhone 5. When asked how she feels about it, she says she is regretting it because iPhone 5 is "nothing different leh" and she actually wants to switch to Galaxy S III because her friends are switching as well. And I hear this kind of "disappointments" from many iPhone 5 buyers on the Internet. ( by the way, I told her to switch if that will indeed make her feel comfortable)

Now, the reason I am posting this is just out of curiosity. In my opinion, you can only be disappointed with a new product when it doesn't deliver on its promises. It's up to the consumers to decide whether the new features will be worth the purchase. So if someone didn't bother to find about the new features of iPhone 5 before purchasing it, and complain about it being "not much different" than its predecessor, I can only assume he blindly trusted Apple to deliver a completely different iPhone that they have never done before. And if someone did find out the new features and still become disappointed with it not being much different, I can only assume he expected Apple to keep some secret features to wow and surprise him.

I am not saying you can't be disappointed with iPhone 5. It has many many flaws. It can also have bugs and problems. It's not the best, or even a good smartphone for everyone. But the thing is, "being not much different" can't be a flaw. REFINEMENT is the right word to describe how Apple improves iPhones. A new product doesn't necessarily have to look visually different than its predecessor. A new product doesn't necessarily have to have tons of new features that blow your mind. Subtle improvements here and there in the same familiar iPhone experience CAN make a difference to lots of people. iPhone sales numbers prove that it's at least not a incredibly wrong approach. So if you didn't already know that iPhones have ALWAYS been "not much different", you have been living somewhere else. If you want your new phone to look a lot different(in terms of looks, especially), simply don't buy iPhone. As simple as that. Don't blame Apple for not delivering something that they never promised.

Am I being illogical or insensible or Apple-fanboyish here? Don't you agree with me?

PS: I am sorry if I sound rude and emotional. That's just my character. Please try to catch the gist of my argument here.