Potential screen for the Nexus 7 refresh

Before you click the link, realize the article says nothing about the Nexus 7 tablet and this is purely speculation/hope by me.


Key points:

  • 7.0 inches
  • 431 PPI WQXGA (2560x1600 resolution) - similar to the HTC Droid DNA/Butterfly
  • LCD with Pentile Matrix RGBW
  • In Cell Touch technology (like Nexus 4, iPhone, Optimus G, etc.)
  • 2000:1 Contrast

The major problems with putting such a high resolution screen into a tablet like this would be that they would likely have to put the Exynos 5 processor in it. How costly would it be? And the screen likely won't be cheap either.

If a Nexus 7 with a screen like this were announced at Google IO, I guarantee you that the Play Store would be down for a month. Reading on this would be insanely good. Text would be sharper. Viewing images on this would be great. Movies (with friends) would still be better on a Nexus 10 and browsing would probably be better as well. But this is the kind of tablet that pushes the market forward.

I guarantee you that someone will have a tablet with this display (or another one similar to it) in a tablet in 2013.