App Idea: In-Ear Monitor iOS App

Ok, I know many people may not be sound techs at churches, but I am. The idea I am proposing is that someone should develop an app that allows an iPhone, iPod Touch, or an iPad to become the wireless packet to an in-ear monitor system. This app (and associated hardware) could not only be used in churches, but also by bands that want a cheaper solution to in ear monitors than buying a decent in-ear headset for about $1000 a pop.

For those who aren't familiar, a monitor in the sound engineering realm is a speaker (or headset) that allows the band member to hear what they are playing along with parts of the other band. The newest version of this has come out as wireless packets connected to in-ear headsets. The transmitter side is running out of a "Group" or "AUX" channel of the soundboard that is mixed from the board itself.

Starting from the app, here is how it would work (in my head, no pun intended): A line out of the Group or AUX into the transmitter, which is a secure WAP. The WAP will have a select amount of outputs (ideally, one for each member of the band). The band members know the password, not anyone else. From there, the iOS device joins the network, and the app takes over.

The app has four main features:

- Mix each member into your headset.

- Master Volume

- Save mixes for future gigs

- Sharing settings between devices

Of course, this isn't an exhaustive list, but it's a starting point. I would really like to see this idea become a reality, and honestly, I don't care if I get a cut or not (especially if you do all the work). This would create a much easier solution to in ear monitors than buying the more expensive "real" headsets. The only things that people would have to worry about is having an iOS device, or possibly even an Android device, but iOS is slightly more universal at this point, and a good pair of earbuds. I personally have a set of Westone 4's, so I got both covered, I just need the app and hardware.

But really, get working on it...