Living with JB on the GS3 - My Thoughts

After my whole update nightmare, my GS3 is rocking 4.1- I'll be grateful even though I want 4.2 for the split screen support.

Anywho, it's nice, can't believe the speed improvement. I thought the phone was already fast, but JB makes it insanely faster. Did not think it could get much faster but now flying in and out of apps or switching screens etc happens really quick. I am interested in hearing more about V Sync and project butter. I kinda like the idea that my fingers power the cpu upon touch. For the GS3 the most noticeable visible improvements are the notification bar which seems really busy but in a good way. Seems like I am doing everything from my notification bar now which I must say is awesome. Less going into apps and more getting in and getting out.

If battery life was improved I guess I noticed it a tad bit but I never have an issue with battery so I could careless. It's sure not going to be noticed by the average consumer.

Google Now - as awesome as it is, not really useful just yet. Awesome for weather and traffic home, I don't think it has figured out where I work yet. I think it believes that's my fiance's house is my office or something. And I guess there is no metra support for my train ride home. It's kinda weird, my SCH is all over the place so it won't know when I drive home or when I deiced to take the train. I wish it had shopper support or some sort of mall support. Not sure why NOW does not list the movies in my area that are playing, guess I have to activate that or something. Google Now has so much potential but it's not there yet. HOWEVER I think that if you are a sports fan or make use of the other cards it may be of more use. I feel I need to give it more time.

Samsung added some cool things also like "Blocking Mode" and "Driving Mode" - I see they removed the LTE option from the notification shade, and changed the way some menus and pops ups are displayed and made it more Jelly Bean like. I use TSF shell, but the touch wiz launcher is still ugly as sin. So happy I don't have to see or use it.

Overall, I went through hell to get the update and I am excited about two things (Notifications & Project Butter) other than that nothing much.

BTW This day dream feature. Worse name in the world. I've read about it three time and every time I forget the point of it.