Google Now is officially AWESOME

So I have been using Google Now for like 4-5 days. At first it was just traffic and weather. Now it is literally EVERYTHING.

Traffic: It now understands my driving commute. Showing me all things traffic from my current location. Right now it's showing me the drive home from my current location to my Fiance's house and also to my home. (Why it still does not know where I work blows my mind).

Search: I was at working searching something for a guest and it now shows up in the search box in Google Now. So recent searches work.

Weather: Weather has always worked like a charm although I wish Google would integrate it a little more into Android so we don't have to link to the web site. I use beautiful widget anyway for my Weather.

Bus: It now shows all scheduled departures for the buses in my area by my job (Even tho it can't figure out where my office is) - Useless :-)

Event's Near By: Well showing events near by. Nothing I am interested in.

Photo Spot: Showing all photo's near by.

I'm just waiting for it to show me the TRAIN!!! I Don't always drive to work and I am so over looking up the train schedule. Also movies and some how if they could intergrate email into Google now, I would be set. Also Lad. My Fiance and I are not friends seeing as we always know where each other are, HOWEVER I do have friends on their and I like stalking seeing their location, when I am board.

So I take back what I said about Google Now not being ready. It still feels a bit Beta, but damn it's finally useful. Can't wait to see what else it can do and the UI is soooo gorgeous.


Ok so now I understand why it's not showing me the train schedule. It's because I have not taken the train since I've use Google plus. (Which tells me I am driving way to much downtown Chicago.) Anyways-

I also saw there are some Gmail integration options, just not doing it for me. I seriously can't get enough of Google Now.