Lock Screen Widgets Utility based on Android 4.2.x

Hello everyone,

This is my first post here. I want to start by my thoughts on the way Lock Screen Widgets are implemented in Android 4.2.x. Mostly I want to understand Google's rationale in implementing it this way.

1. Why add a new layer (and complexity) just to save a single swipe?

2. What about privacy? Anyone can see the GMail widget - Email subjects, sender and first few characters of body, even when you have lockscreen pattern applied.

3. What should be the purpose of lock screen widgets? According to me they should just be for a quick glance for some "information" update I am interested in. Having the notification dropdown always expanded might have been more useful.

(For point number 1, I believe Matias Duarte is trying to bring WebOS cards like functionality to Android. But it would come at what cost?)

I have a Galaxy Nexus, which I loved absolutely with Android 4.1. Now its a mixed bag with Android 4.2.1,

Any thoughts?