The best custom 4.2.1 ROM right now?

First off (I almost forgot this important information), I have a Verizon Galaxy Nexus (toro).

I've been running Codename Android 3.8 for a while now, which is 4.1.2. It's great and all, but I'm really wanting to get on 4.2.1 though for all the new fancy additions (lockscreen widgets, quicksettings, etc [and the fact that I like to have the latest and greatest]). Codename seemingly has vanished for support and updates and I've also been having an issue where WiFi will get stuck in the ON state but not connect, just another reason why I'm looking to switch.

I tried flashing MMuzzy's ROM because I saw a lot of people raved about it, and it was super slick but way too vanilla for me. It lacked the customization that I desired, such as with the nav bar, status bar, skip track with volume keys (which is HUGE for me), lockscreen targets, theme manager (another big one for me because I hate seeing the old gingerbread styling and I use an ICS/JB fixer theme), etc.

I'm currently contemplating flashing one of the following: rasbeanjelly, the latest jellybro build, the latest cm10 build, AlienDroid, ATOM, or FactoryROM.

I many options! A lot of them seem to have what I'm looking for in a ROM, but I'm having trouble deciding. Which is why I created this to see if I can get some feedback. I also only want to try to flash one and be happy with it because of the sdcard0/0/ issue that arises when flashing a new 4.2 ROM because of the addition of multiple users and it's a hassle to fix that if I want to restore back.

As a side note, I also like running Franco's kernel because of all the settings in his app, so I'm looking for one that'll run well with that.

Thanks in advance guys!