Windows 8 and Windows Phone spotting in a shopping mall in Sweden

I am in Stockholm for some work and decided to check how Windows 8 and Windows Phones are doing. I visited a MediaMarkt(something like HarveyNorman(AU) or BestBuy(US guess?)) outlet in the city.
There were Windows 7 and Windows 8 laptops, some really good ones from ASUS. There were hardly any one checking out. I took solace in thinking that laptops are mature market and people already have them or there was no need for them to check out the devices

One bad thing was that most of these devices were password protected and locked :( People were also not checking Macs as well.
Well there was one guy, who was playing some games on a Windows 8 laptop though. Then I came to the tablet section there were iPads and Samsung tablets, there was a Samsung ATIV atom tablet as well.
There was one old lady who was going through these devices and noting down the names and prices for each of them.
The Samsung Windows 8 tablet was switched off, I turned it on and played with it hoping to get the lady interested in it. To my disappointment she walked away after noting down the prices for the iPad and the other Samsung android tablets. Then this guy who was playing with the Windows 8 laptop came to the ATIV tablet and started playing in it.
In the meantime I also saw one guy taking a iPad and walk towards the billing counter.
I then moved towards the phone section hoping to see Lumia 920 and 8X.
There was a couple looking to upgrade some old Nokia phone of theirs and the telenor executive who was assisting them sold them an iPhone.
I couldn't understand the language but overheard the word aluminium, presumably pointing to the iphone's aluminium body.
I just wanted to stop him from hard selling an iphone and suggest them a Lumia as well. Without asking for anything the couple bought an iphone. There was an HTC 8X and Lumia 610.
I was not able to turn on the Lumia 610, but I switched on the 8X and then set the screen timeout to 'Never' ;) hoping people will atleast get a glance of the phone.
Then there were Windows 8 upgrade DVDs one guy took the DVD and looked as though he was interested and asked his girlfriend if it was cool, she said yes, but he left it there and moved one
There was a section for ASUS laptop, there was this big Windows 8 AIO.
But it was left in one corner for no one to find :( However I was happy to find a couple of people excitedly checking out some Windows 8 laptopns from acer in another corner. I also happened to see one guy buying an old model hp laptop in the billing counter..

Then in the ground floor of the mall there was this acer promo booth they had a big AIO, S7 and W700(guess).
One lady was giving demo of the fresh paint app to some family with kids and people were playing cut the rope in a touch screen laptop.
One of their executive came towards me and said the S7 is a very good machine, indeed it was very impressive.
I went to Phone House store and was checking out the Lumia 920, a guy came to me and asked me to come next week if I wanted to buy it.(stocks !!)
Overall I am happy for the prospects for Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 and with proper support
from store executives it can succeed very well.
PS: I spotted 3 Lumia 920s among numerous iphones but early signs are good. Saw one guy walking with a new box of acer aspire V5 today in the station.