Running apps for iOS

I track my running and walking with iSmoothRun Pro. It's kind of a historical hangover from 2010, when I tried a handful of the top rated apps (Nike+, Runkeeper and some others). I'm sure there must be something better out there by now. So, what is the current best? What do you use?

I'm happy to pay for quality, but don't want to pay a subscription. I need some online integration for multi-device ability and backup/device upgrade.

My quick review of iSmoothRun Pro:

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The good:

  • Runs are uploaded to RunKeeper (also has options for Daily Mile, RunningFreeOnline, TrainingPeaks, Tribesports, Garmin Connect and Nike+)
  • Allows for custom workouts. I use the free running default as well as a custom interval training workout.
  • Voice Cues are good, and highly customisable.

The bad:

  • No 'ghost' mode.
  • Switching between workouts is annoying. If I switch to a custom workout that involves running, it's not smart enough to switch from Activity = Walking to Activity = Running.
  • Auto pause is flakey.

The ugly:

  • It's kinda ugly.
  • Limited stats and graphs. I'm a data fiend, the more the better.
  • I want more encouragement. RunKeeper is good initially, sending emails for longest walk, longest run, most in a week etc. Then it just stops. I want badges, challenges, achievements. Anything to keep me motivated and encourage me to do just a little more.

So, sell me something new and better. A name is good, a link and screenshot is better, a quick review would be awesome.