WP8 Complaints from an ex-Android user

Just picked up a black 920 and it is quite nice. So nice in fact, that I really have no hardware complaints. The phone simply can't be compared to the Galaxy Nexus, it's not even in the same league. My main complaints lie in the WP8 software, none of them are drastic problems but they definitely detract from my day to day usage. Here are some things I miss from Android 4.2

1) Wifi turns off when the screen goes off. I heard this is coming eventually in a bug fix.

2) The music controls do not appear on the lock screen for more than a second. Like I turn on the screen and then the controls disappear. WTF?

3) There needs to be an official toggle to change the search button to Google. I appreciate Microsoft services when they are superior, Bing consistently fails to find the site I'm looking for. I am not asking for much, just a toggle in the settings.

4) App prices.

5) I doubt it will happen but here it is- 3rd party keyboards. This is what I miss the most from the Gnex. Swift Key is hands down superior to the WP8 keyboard in terms of features and auto-correct.

6) The Multitasking UI should have brightness and rotation lock controls (hell maybe all the quick settings) above the recent apps icons, it would help utilize space more efficiently.

What do you guys think?