Man Writes The Most Detailed Thinkpad T430u Review World Has Ever Seen

This guy here, has written what can only be described as one of the most detailed notebook reviews the world has ever seen on the Thinkpad T430u ultrabook over at his website

It is also at the moment the only T430u review, at least that I've seen.

If you can forgive a few typos, you will find a lot of detailed information about the T430u. He is definitely a Thinkpad enthusiast, but he's also a very level headed guy, and isn't shy about giving criticism where criticism is due.

Link to the T430u reivew:

His review is in 7parts

  1. Overview (he gives his executive summary here)
  2. Design / Chassis / Hinge
  3. Keyboard / Ultranav Device
  4. External Ports and Internal Layout
  5. Upgrade-Ability / Serviceability
  6. Thermal Performance
  7. Noise


He's got lots of great pics. Below, from top to bottom: ThinkPad T430s, ThinkPad X1 Carbon, ThinkPad X1, and ThinkPad T430u.

ThinkPad comparison

He even uses thermal imaging device in the Thermal Performance Section!

ThinkPad T430u Thermograph during CPU/GPU Stress Test with Nvidia GPU on

If you are looking for a decent ultrabook, with a non-touch screen, for around $600 to $700 USD, the Thinkpad T430u looks like a pretty good one.