Is the mobile industry dead?

After reflecting about my wants and needs in the area of mobile technology, I realized that there is nothing that can really make me change from my old iPhone 4. I`ve been trying to convince myself to buy a Galaxy S3 or an iPhone 5, but my conscience tells me that I won`t feel good about buying something that is very similar to what I have.

You see, I`ve never been a fan of races or high speed stuff neither I am obsessed with unnecessary speed, I am a very paused and soft spoken person. Being in a constant hurry is just downright stressful. The thing is that I don`t think that the extra speed of the iPhone 5 compared to that of my old iPhone is a big deal. At this point, I consider the speed of mobile devices an unnecessary fact. If you need something faster than the iPhone 5, you might have some psychological disorder, seriously. When I stop to see the time it takes my iPhone to do essential tasks, I`ve never been unsatisfied with it. Everything just moves great, at least for me. So I would discard the CPU power as one of the main things that I am looking for my new phone.

I like to compare smartphone screens to that of laptops. They come in all sizes, and it`s all up to the people to choose their size. But there is something wrong with the marketing people that control people`s mind -- they`ve been injecting the idea that bigger is better, no matter what. If this theory were applied to laptops, everybody would be carrying a 17 inch Macbook, or whatever piece of junk that comes from China with the HP or Dell brand stapled to it. The main thing that mattered to me when it came to the screen of my cellphone was the resolution. The iPhone 4`s screen was a life changing feature of the iPhone when it first launched and still is. I am very picky about resolution, but not about the sizes because I have the judgement to say what`s right for me, I am sorry marketing people. Colors and saturation, and other stuff are also quite important as well. I think that amoled along with all the fancy names that Samsung attaches to it, is crap that my eyes reject. Yes, the whites still look like light grey, and the bothersome green line on the left side of the screen is still there after all the pluses, extras, supers, and who knows what they will come with next year. I used a Galaxy S3 to get my conclusions. That being said I rather use HTC or iPhone because the screen quality is superior. On the other hand I think that there has not been a change on screens that have made me want to change my iPhone 4 so far.

I will keep this one short and similar to my theory of the CPU speed -- you should check yourself with a psychiatric if you are too demanding. But let`s imagine that you work for a news channel, magazine or website, you might need the best camera you can get on your phone. This is very reasonable. But if you post pictures of yourself doing the typical duck face with 10 pounds of layers courtesy of Instagram, the iPhone 4`s camera should fit that bill perfectly. It also takes beautiful pictures of your pets and beautiful family. But take this word from me: nobody will ever compliment you because they could see the mustache of a squirrel on the photo that you took with that shiny Galaxy S3 or iPhone 4S. Enough is enough.

On the OS side, this becoming more like the desktop scenario where features are being added to make some things easier while nothing radical is done. Unless you are geek you can talk about how your device became superior after upgrading it to the next version, for example iOS 5 to iOS 6 or ICS to Jelly Bean. I double dare you to ask your parents if the upgrade changed their lives radically. Ah, and for those asking what I think about iOS and its future in terms of looks -- it will remain like that until Apple goes bankrupt. Don`t believe, now ask yourself this question: has OS X changed radically over the past 10 years?

It hurts to say but I think the mobile industry will remain frozen for a decade or more, unless people decide to go the Samsung way with phablets. Manufacturers went too fast with the specs of their mobile devices. In less than three years the screen size went from 3.x to 4.7 and up as the standard. CPU speed is a stupid thing to talk about. Professionals photographers are everywhere now, but nobody has an idea on how to take a great photo. With all that in mind, I will change my current phone when it breaks or gets lost but until then nothing will make me want to get a new cellphone.