Why I want the Desktop app in Windows 8 for Arm.

Back at Build, and after Microsoft had more or unless finally unveiled Windows 8, Joshua Topolsky was railing on Microsoft for including that desktop app. It would disappoint me if they were to remove the classic desktop.

First off, why Windows 8 truly excites me (and I'm fully aware that this thing still has every possibility to fall flat on its face) is this could truly become our answer to the take everywhere, and do everything solution we need to computing. In the short term, Intel based tablet will be able to run any and all X86 apps would they not? If the tablets do perform adequately it will be a great tablet solution, and then you can bring it back home and dock that puppy and basically do everything your laptop or desktop can do now.

Which brings another point that I'm excited about. We haven't had had time to experience all of the different configurations that Windows 8 will allow for hard ware. We're going to get ultra slim power efficient ARM laptops in all likely hood. If it's a laptop body you're probably going to get the desktop functionality. But yet are we asking that the ARM Version for tablets would be a different copy of Windows completely void of functionality just because it didn't come from the factory with a keyboard hinged to the bottom of it?

Apple has succeeded by making the separation of tablet/phone and the desktop stupid simple to understand. But they are also dominating that market and making small baby steps to forwarding how we are able to use the technology that they pioneered in different ways. I want Windows 8 to blow it open. Windows 8 could gives us our truly first convergence devices that we can take with us, do tablet tasks, take it home, dock it to a power station that ups the horsepower and contains a huge hard drive, and all of a sudden that mobile tech is now our productivity hardware as well.