Foodspotting — already a place for foodies to take and share photos of dishes that they love — has just released version 3.0 of its iPhone and Android apps, and it's now focusing more on being a food recommendation and discovery service. The new apps feature what the company calls a "Pandora-like interface" that lets you mark dishes as "want it," "loved it," "tried it," or "hide it." The latter lets you hone your recommendations and weed out the types of dishes that you want to avoid — apparently if vegetarians hide enough meat-laden dishes they won't be recommended to them anymore.

From the beginning, Foodspotting prided itself on helping people find specific dishes that they'd like to eat without the long, meandering restaurant reviews. The new app maintains the philosophy that people are only going to take the time to add dishes that they love, and that you only need to know if people liked a dish or not to decide if you want to try it. In the app you're not just going to see what your friends like to eat, but also what people with similar food tastes enjoy. In addition to helping you figure out where to eat, Foodspotting's co-founder and CEO Alexa Andrzejewski said in an interview with MobileBeat that "it's like a picture menu for anywhere. You can sit down at a restaurant and without looking over anyone's shoulder, you can see the must-try dishes." We know we'd welcome not having to ask strangers "hey, what's that you're eating?" anymore.

The updated app is available now for iPhone and Android devices, and there's also an app for Windows Phone users. The first Foodspotting BlackBerry app should be coming out this week, too.