The Future of Blackberry: BBX/BB10, The London and more.

It's incredibly obvious to everybody at this point RIM is dying. They may have the best portrait keyboard on the market and much famed and sought after BBM creating "crackberry" addicts but how long is this going to keep them afloat? Will the appointment of a new CEO be enough to save RIM?

Earlier this week as I'm sure you all know Thorsten Heins was appointed the new CEO of the company but the fact is he isn't new at all. Heins has been with company for 4years already and has been a major part of the company during it's downfall, holdings the posts of SVP of the Blackberry Handheld Division, COO of Handheld Engineering and COO of Product and Sales. What new ideas exactly does he plan to bring to the table? The truth is he doesn't even believe there is a reason for change. Quoted as saying in a recent interview.

"Change to what? Change for what?"

RIM needs new ideas and it needs forward thinking, will BBX/BB10 bring this to the table? Although buggy the Playbook was huge improvement on the current Blackberry UI and despite being a flop it held interesting design ideas taking cues from WebOS and it will be interesting to see how this translates on a phone. Speaking of phones where are these mythical BB10 devices? As these devices continue to be delayed iOS and Android are continually gaining marketshare and WP7 looks to be gathering momentum.

Although the rumoured and leaked "London" (seen in the link below) device is a beautiful piece of hardware and a step in the right direction this step needs to be taken now not later. If Heins can't do the role that is needed of him who will take charge John Rubinstein?He'd certainly bring ideas to the team at RIM Will we see a BB10 device this year? Or will 2012 be the year RIM finally busts?

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