I don't think Microsoft gets it...

I love Windows 7. I actually use OSX and Win 7 on a daily basis (OSX for Work & Win. for home/play) While they are things I really like about Windows 8. I think it'll make a really good Tablet OS, but for the desktop, they are failing.

The problem in my opinion, is that they don't understand the fundamental difference between a finger and a mouse. When they were hyping Win 7 as a tablet OS, they didn't understand that the desktop UI was just too hard and not truly configured for a finger.

With Windows 8, they got it working and configured for fingers, but at the expense of the mouse and keyboard. Sure, you could technically use a mouse and keyboard with Windows 8 (as you can with an Android tablet and iPad), but it's not configured and not truly optimized for those input options.

What Microsoft should do is not tie apps down to the Metro (touch) interface or the desktop. I should be able to run apps on either UI and choose the UI based on what input I need.