Show us your homescreen layout - and explain the reasoning behind it

We just posted a Quick Read on optimizing your home screen, but now we want to see how the readers do it.

Please post a screenshot (or multiple screenshots) of your home screens, and don't forget to give us some detail on WHY you decided on this layout. Let's try and keep the platform debate out of this — we want to see users of all phones sharing their details here, without fear of judgement.

Also, please downscale your images a bit! Full-res is probably not necessary here. 400-ish wide seems to work pretty well. Thanks!

Oh yeah, here's a link to the background I'm using right now.

To kick things off, here's my iPhone 4S homescreen from this morning:


I find the dock to be the best place for my most-used apps, even though I don't have too many screens to page through. Safari and Mail are no-brainers, I use Messages far more than Phone, and my iPhone functions as my iPod, so music. However, I don't commute anymore and thus don't play music on my phone nearly as often — it might be time for a new app in the dock.

Phone and camera are two that I want to access without having to think about it, so they get the top two corners. I don't tweak my settings THAT often so I think it fits where it is. Photos next to camera makes sense in my brain, as well.

Next row are utilities that aren't super fun, but again I want to be able to get to quickly. I've been thinking about demoting Weather since I have weather in Notification Center, but haven't made the move yet.

On the next row, Twitter gets used a lot and could probably be placed more optimally, while Spotify fits well on the opposite corner. Reeder and Instagram aren't as frequently used, but are two of my favorite sources for stuff to browse when I'm killing time.

Lastly, a link to The Verge homescreen is a no-brainer.

On the 2nd page of my phone is a folder for Games, Social (FB, Path, Meebo, Colloquy, and Flipboard), and Entertainment (videos, YouTube, Hulu, Netflix), as well as the two stores, iBooks, Dropbox, and Instapaper. All stuff I want to have on hand, but don't necessarily use every day. Third screen gets a folder of junk apps and the still-useless Newsstand. Maybe someday that'll be good for something.

Let's see what you've got, readers!