MMO Champion forum member "Ramsesakama" has successfully reproduced World of Warcraft's Kalimdor continent to scale within Minecraft, using mods, original programming, and plenty of free time. The creator recently posted screenshots showing off their progress, and so far the result is quite impressive: an overview screenshot shows an expansive, familiar WoW landscape built block-by-block. Ramesakama created custom software to piece the world together that analyzes and converts WoW's maps into Minecraft blocks — they've kept to Minecraft's scale of a yard-per-block, so even WoW's relatively low level of detail can't be completely reproduced. But there's no question that the Minecraft version looks distinctly like Azeroth.

Ramesakama says that they plan to recreate the entire expanse of the game within Minecraft, even including instances and dungeons, and that this first effort took a total of two weeks to complete (from conception to execution). When finished, the creator says they plan to release the map publicly, and that they already have a tentative offer from a Minecraft server provider Cursecraft to host the map for the masses.