Joanna's Farewell Review: Macbook Air running Windows 7


After reviewing practically every ultrabook on the market, I think it seems rather befitting--and ironic--for Joanna to leave The Verge with a review on the product ultrabooks try to imitate, the Macbook Air (but with Windows 7). I'm pretty sure she was saving this review for last and as a going-away gift, which I think is rather appropriate.

I have to admit, I haven't read any reviews from The Verge. Before you guys bite my head off, let me give some clarification. I only read reviews about products I'm interested in or planning on buying, and it just not worth my time to read reviews on products I'm not going to purchase. This, of course, is an exception, and I'll most likely enjoy reading this review while crying like a baby because this is it for her.

I just wanted to point this out for those who haven't already figured it out yet. I wish Joanna the best in her future endeavors and hopes she has as much fun as she did here (if that's even possible :p).